Use ROI Power with a Purpose

Using select measurement techniques and ROI analyses to drive specific business objectives is faster and requires less effort than establishing standards that work across all forms of marketing. These priorities may be necessary to reach aggressive growth goals, reduce declining performance, or adjust to changing market conditions. Showing improvements in these high priority initiatives also helps demonstrate the benefits of the overall marketing ROI process.

Marketing ROI techniques can be applied to improve:

    • Customer defection reduction
    • Customer value retention
    • Sales conversion rates
    • Lead quality and quantity
    • Channel partner effectiveness
    • Profitable customer acquisition
    • Competitive response
    • Integrated marketing optimization
    • Campaign effectiveness
    • Loyalty program profitability

Our analyses and assessments are used to identify strategic options and develop a sound plan for achieving your objectives. As programs are launched, our measurements are used to monitor and adjust plans and accelerate your ability to develop high-impact marketing. These priority initiatives not only support immediate business objectives but also establish stepping stones to reach new levels of marketing ROI capabilities.