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2011 Marketing ROI & Measurement Study

Featuring Assessment of Social Media Marketing Measurements

Presented by Lenskold Group

Download the full Marketing ROI Study (registration required for free access to the report).
The 2011 Marketing ROI and Measurement Study assessed the basic practices of social media measurements in addition to the seventh annual tracking of ROI measurement trends. Marketers were recruited using MarketingProfs’ 300,000+ member base with the results being drawn from a random sample of 362 marketers globally.

The full report includes detailed findings and recommendations. Select findings include:

  • More than three out of four marketers (77%) use social media in their marketing efforts.
  • Just over half of those marketers (55%) indicate measurements are a high priority.
  • The drivers of this high priority for measurements include the need for improved effectiveness (65%), the need for better integration (59%) and pressure from executives to report on quantified outcomes(48%).
  • Less than half of marketers surveyed report strengths in measuring any one outcome, including basic measurements such as engagement (43%) and new names/prospects generated (36% and 32% respectively).
  • Those companies using marketing ROI metrics to assess and improve their general marketing effectiveness have advantages in outgrowing competitors (64% vs. 50% for Traditional Metrics Users) and having more effective and efficient marketing programs (79% vs. ).
  • Users of marketing ROI Metrics for general marketing have carried this discipline into social media measurements, demonstrating broader capabilities and greater strengths on average (36%) in measuring incremental sales, revenue, and ROI when compared to Traditional Metrics Users (8%).

Download the full 2011 Marketing ROI and Measurement Study (registration required for free access to the report).

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Additional highlights are depicted in the charts and graphs below. To download a PowerPoint file with the charts below, click here.

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