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2010 B2B LeadGeneration Marketing ROI Study

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Download the full 31 page Lead Generation Marketing ROI Study (registration required for free access to the report).

Key issues of measuring and improving lead generation marketing effectiveness were explored in the 2010 Lead Generation Marketing ROI Study. The results were drawn from 231 respondents who indicated that they were marketing practitioners in B2B companies (half or more of their revenues generated from business customers), whose marketing group generates leads for a sales organization or channel partners. The full 31 page report includes detailed findings, recommendations and incorporates comparative adoption from 2008 to 2009. Click here to access prior reports.

This 2010 research study with B2B lead generation marketers explored practices and priorities for using measurements and return on investment (ROI) to improve marketing effectiveness. Several key findings emerged from this research:

  • Marketers with sufficient insight to estimate the profit potential from an increase in lead generation marketing indicate that there is untapped profit potential. Of those B2B lead generation marketers providing an estimate of the incremental profits from a 10% increase in their budget, 6 in 10 expect a profit increase of greater than 10%. The challenge is that almost half (44%) of the B2B lead generation marketers surveyed lack the insight to estimate the profit potential, responding “don’t know” when asked how much could profits be increased with the additional 10% increase in marketing budget.
  • Highest profit potential lies with nurturing stalled leads, reported by 58% of lead generation marketers. Close to half indicated that all other areas examined also have untapped profit potential. This is very consistent with the results of 2009 where nurturing also topped the list.
  • B2B lead generation marketers using ROI metrics were more likely to anticipate much greater growth than their competitors (22% vs. 10% of all others). 
  • Organizations that use marketing ROI metrics reported higher use of lead quality measures based on customer revenue generated from the initial sale (51% vs. 21% of organizations that use only non-financial metrics) and lead quality based on sales conversion rates (63% vs. 34%).  

Download the full 31 page Lead Generation Marketing ROI Study (registration required for free access to the report).

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Additional highlights are depicted in the charts and graphs below. To download a PowerPoint file with the charts below, click here.

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