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  • 2013 Lead Gen Marketing Effectiveness Report released, featuring insights into content marketing performance and measurements best practices  >>view report>>

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  • Brand Measurement Assessor launched to identify strengths and gaps in aligning brand measures to short-term and long-term growth and ROI  >>view info>>

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  • The "CMO Guide to Marketing ROI" white paper is available for free download. This 16-page paper presents the opportunities and challenges of managing marketing ROI to improve performance and profitability. It includes a case study and a quick-skim checklist. >>view report>>
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Marketing ROI Defined

3 Steps to Successfully Forecast Marketing Metrics

Leveraging Marketing Automation for Better Management

Using Strategic Measurements to Boost Effectiveness

Can Brand Awareness Generate Measurable ROI?

The Metric that Matters Most to the CMO

Why CMOs Need to Instill Better Measurement Discipline...Now

Six Steps to Drive Breakthrough Marketing With ROI Insight

Measuring the Impact of Multi-Touch Marketing

Three Critical Questions to Get the Most from Marketing Mix Modeling

Experimenting Your Way to More Effective Marketing

Capturing Campaign Sales Lift – Can Pre-Post Measurements Be Trusted?

Three Lessons for More Effective ROI - Improving Measurements and your Company's Financial Health

How to Address Marketing ROI & Measurement Pressures in a Tight Economy

Six Approaches to Spend or Cut Marketing in Tight Economies

Maximizing Lead Generation Marketing ROI Part 1: Lead Quality Counts

Maximizing Lead Generation Marketing ROI Part 2: Insight, Alignment, & Action

Maximizing Lead Generation Marketing ROI Part 3: Measuring Effectiveness

Maximizing Lead Generation Marketing ROI Part 4: Dashboard Metrics

Demonstrate and Deliver Lead Nurturing ROI

Use Outcome Objectives to Set Brand Metrics

Marketing to Customers, Channel Partners, & Influencers – How to Manage Multi-Funnel Complexity

Change the Culture to Change Marketing ROI Success

CFOs are from Mars, CMOs are from Venus

Five Steps to Show Exceptional Leadership by Better Aligning Marketing Performance to Business Goals

Making Your List and Checking it Twice

The Defining Moments of Marketing ROI

Make a Plan to Get More Out of Your Annual Planning and Budgeting

The Dreaded Annual Planning Process - What will you do differently for this year's plan?

Challenges and Opportunities for Marketing ROI

Getting Started with Marketing ROI

The Brand-Value Connection

Don't Forget the Financial Meaning of ROI

Unlock Profit Potential - How to Align Marketing to Financial Outcomes (PDF)

Marketing ROI: Playing to Win - ROI within the Metric Hierarchy (PDF)

One Part Inspiration - Combining Analytic Discipline and Intuition for Success

A Well-Oiled Machine - How Measurements Improve the Marketing Process

Repeat After Me - Monitor Long-Term Buying Behaviors When Growing Short-Term Sales

Prophet-ability - Predicting the Value of Marketing Investments

Survey Shows Better Data, Measurement Abilities, and ROI Metrics Boost Marketing Performance

Surveys Say...Challenges Remain for ROI Measurements but Discipline Pays Off

An Executive Summary of the Marketing ROI and Measurements Trend Study

Executive Perspectives on Marketing ROI Adoption

Three Steps to Defend Your Strategy and Win More Budget Battles

Turning Customers Into Your Sales and Marketing Department

Financial Intelligence for Strategic Planning

Building Profitable Customer-Centric Strategies

Managing Prospect Relationships

Justifying the ROI on Intelligence

4 Pillars of Insight Transformation

Marketing ROI Can Improve CRM Profitability

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