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Articles from Distinguished Guest Columnists

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Marketing ROI & Effectiveness Guidance

Connecting the Dots between Marketing Automation and Marketing Operations to Deliver ROI (Gary Katz)

Four Ways to Turn B2B Marketing into a Revenue Driver (Jon Miller, Marketo)

Flipping the Telescope: Redefining Branding So We Can Measure It (Jonathan Salem Baskin, Baskin Associates)

Enterprise Marketing: A Framework For Boardroom Relevence (Chris Kenton, MotiveLab)

Transition Your Marketing from Product- to Customer-Based by “Going Horizontal” (Greg Banks)

If Not Now, Then When? Getting Past Barriers to Marketing ROI (José María Gómez, MKROI)

Seven Steps to Developing a Superb Offer (Russell Kern, The Kern Organization)

A Small Step for Marketers - A Big Step for Marketing (Akin Arikan, Unica)

What's My ROI on Sales Tools? (Tim Riesterer, CMM Group)

The First Step to ROI-Centered Marketing - The Marketing Investment Profile (Dave Sutton, MarketingScientists)

Avoiding the Six Sales-Driven Death-Traps of Marketing Campaigns (Brian Giamo, Channel Economics)

Moving Upstream from B2B Marketing ROI (Robert Lesser, Direct Impact Marketing)

Improving Marketing Measurements & Metrics

Measuring the Business Value of Social Media (Jim Sterne)

How to Get Extra Value from Your Analytics Initiatives (Patrick Burns, Principled Strategies)

The Role of Marketing Operations in the Measurement of Marketing ROI (Mayer Becker, MarketSphere)

Modeling Marketing Performance as Conditions Change Over Time (Don Holtz, Interlocking Analytics)

Understanding Strategic and Tactical Marketing Analytics (Don Holtz, Interlocking Analytics)

Business Intelligence – The Heart of Micro-Marketing (Ranjan Sinha, Axis Group)

5 Essential B-to-B Direct Marketing Metrics (Ruth P. Stevens, eMarketing Strategy)

The 10 Biggest Mistakes Marketers Make - No. 2: Using Metrics That Don't Matter to Top Management (Roy Young, MarketingProfs)

Getting Qualitative Insight into Customer Buying Behaviours (Patrick Rea)

Aligning Strategic and Operational Planning with Balanced Scorecard Techniques (Chris Rigatuso)

Why Six Sigma Applied to Marketing is Not Enough (Raymond Pettit, ERP Associates)

Using Analytics and Measurement to Increase Marketing Performance (Don Holtz, Interlocking Analytics)

Maximizing ROI Using Optimization Techniques (Patrick Burns, Principled Strategies)

Funnel Management & Lead Generation Marketing

Online Lead Generation: Squeezing the Funnel for More High Quality Leads (Cheryl Engelaer, Results Count Marketing)

Prove That Your Marketing-Driven B2B Lead Generation is Paying Off (M.H. "Mac" MacIntosh)

Evaluating the ROI Potential of External Lead Sources (Denny Head, eDemand Leads Consulting)

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