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  • 2013 Lead Gen Marketing Effectiveness Report released, featuring insights into content marketing performance and measurements best practices  >>view report>>

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  • Brand Measurement Assessor launched to identify strengths and gaps in aligning brand measures to short-term and long-term growth and ROI  >>view info>>

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  • The "CMO Guide to Marketing ROI" white paper is available for free download. This 16-page paper presents the opportunities and challenges of managing marketing ROI to improve performance and profitability. It includes a case study and a quick-skim checklist. >>view report>>
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Classic White Papers on Hot Topics

Following are some general white papers Lenskold Group has created to address specific topics driving marketing performance and profitability. Click on the title to download the file (this will bring you to the login/registration page if you are not already logged in).

Browse through the white paper titles below or search through our white papers and other content by topic:


Demand Gen Report 2013 Marketing Automation Forecast

This year's forecast E-book includes input from an outstanding group of consultants, integrators and industry thought leaders (including our own Jim Lenskold), all of whom bring a wealth of real-world experience to the table. The E-book is available to download with free registration on the Demand Gen Report website.

Increasing Your Market's Effectiveness Using Metrics

This white paper summarizes the webinar in which Jim Lenskold shares strategies for using metrics that gauge effectiveness and provide insights that drive smart decisions. The paper outlines four key steps to establishing and then using metrics effectively.

The Marketing Profitability Path: Mapping Your Journey

This white paper captures the four-part article series by Jim Lenskold and Hugh Macfarlane (author of The Leaky Funnel) originally published by The series provides an approach for managing the integrated sales and marketing funnel to maximize profitability.

Retention Marketing Profitability: ROI Challenges Influencing the Retention Versus Acquisition Debate

Featuring excerpts from the book Marketing ROI, this paper demonstrates the dynamics of retention marketing compared to acquisition marketing. Many marketers are confused by the reports that it is more profitable to retain customers than to acquire new customers. There are unique challenges in achieving positive ROI from retention marketing that help prioritize where investments into retention must be directed. The paper will help guide the strategic planning and analytics around retention marketing.

Customer Lifetime Value vs. ROI Marketing Measures

This paper is a supplement to the article "Marketing ROI: Playing to Win" published in Marketing Management magazine. The article features an analysis and example of how maximizing Marketing ROI generates greater profits than maximizing Customer Lifetime Value.

ROI Quiz & Answer Guide

Take this 5-question quiz that will help you understand some of the basic as well as more advanced lessons on developing accurate financial ROI calculations. The quiz includes a link to the answer guide white paper that explains the answers in detail.

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