2011 B2B Lead Generation Marketing ROI Study

One of our best research studies, this one dug deep into marketing metrics and automation as key components of the marketing ROI process.

  • Which key metrics are reported to senior management on marketing performance and financial contribution, which are used for forecasting, and which are used for the marketing organization’s compensation?
  • What impact does marketing automation have on marketing effectiveness and growth?
  • How does marketing ROI adoption influence marketing performance and growth among B2B lead generation marketers?

Note: There is also a Research Suplement on Marketing Automation that complements this report.

The full report includes detailed findings and recommendations.  Select findings include:

  • Overall, most marketers (87%) report at least one marketing performance metric to senior management (average 43% per metric).  Three out of four (77%) forecast leads, opportunities, sales and/or revenue (average 41% per metric). Just 65% are reporting at least one financial metric related to marketing’s contribution to senior management (average 30% per metric).
  • Companies outgrowing their competitors are much more likely to report marketing contribution to senior management than companies with the same or slower growth, using the metrics Percent of Total Sales Contributed by Marketing (38% vs. 23%) and Percent of Total Revenue Contributed by Marketing (30% vs. 18%). These higher growth companies are also more likely to report Marketing-Generated Revenue to senior management (38% vs. 26%).
  • The top-tier of highly effective and efficient marketers calculate ROI or similar financial measures to assess their marketing effectiveness (62% vs. 23% of all other marketers) and are more likely to indicate they are experiencing much greater growth than their competitors (55% vs. 13% of all others).

Here are two highlight from the many great findings: