2012 B2B Lead Generation Marketing ROI Study

This research archive examines how marketing ROI and measurement practices align to revenue contribution and lead generation key metrics.

  • What practices and key competencies differentiate the best practice group of Highly Effective & Efficient marketers?
  • What capabilities are most critical to help marketing automation generate an increase in key lead generation outcomes?
  • What can marketers do to influence Total Marketing Revenue Contribution as an outcome?

The full report includes detailed findings and recommendations.  Highlights from the findings include:

  • Marketing automation users that also use ROI metrics to assess effectiveness are much more likely to realize an increase in Total Marketing Revenue Contribution from their automation.
  • The best practice group of “highly effective and efficient” marketers are more likely to attain a strategic level of marketing support from their automation, with CMO support and Sales team integration.
  • Highly effective and efficient organizations have strengths in key capabilities that support high performance marketing.
  • Lead generation marketing effectiveness increases with marketing automation.

Here is a sample of the results in this report: