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The Most Comprehensive Research on Marketing ROI

Lenskold Group conducts the most comprehensive annual research on marketing measurements and ROI. In addition to our main Marketing ROI Study, we produce the annual B2B Lead Generation Marketing ROI study.

Download recent reports to understand trends and best practices of “highly effective and efficient” marketers. Each study addresses different aspects of marketing ROI capabilities and includes recommendations for improving performance. Click on the title to download the file (this will bring you to the login/registration page if you are not already logged in).

Browse through the research studies below or search through our studies and other content by topic:


2012 Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study (new!)

  • What practices and key competencies differentiate the best practice group of Highly Effective &
    Efficient marketers?
  • What capabilities are most critical to help marketing automation generate an increase in key lead generation outcomes?
  • What can marketers do to influence Total Marketing Revenue Contribution as an outcome?

2012 Lead Generation Research Supplement: Impact of Marketing Automation on Effectiveness (new!)

  • How do companies with marketing automation integrated with CRM systems compare to those with no marketing automation and those with automation that is not integrated in terms of growth, revenue and other key outcomes?
  • What practices and capabilities are adopted to support marketing automation?
  • What key metrics are used with the support of marketing automation to manage marketing effectiveness?

2011 Marketing ROI & Measurement Study

  • How do marketers rate in their capabilities to measure social media outcomes?
  • What is driving the high and low prioritization of social media measurements?
  • How has the use of marketing ROI to assess general marketing trended over the past 5 years?
  • How are marketing ROI metric users showing better capabilities for social media measurements?

2011 B2B Lead Generation Marketing ROI Study

  • Which key metrics are reported to senior management on marketing performance and financial contribution, which are used for forecasting, and which are used for the marketing organization’s compensation?
  • What impact does marketing automation have on marketing effectiveness and growth?
  • How does marketing ROI adoption influence marketing performance and growth among B2B lead generation marketers?

2010 B2B Lead Generation Marketing ROI Study

  • Which types of lead generation marketing programs are most effective at driving high quality leads?
  • What are the strengths and shortfalls for current measurement practices for lead generation marketing?
  • Where are the best opportunities to improve lead generation ROI and support incremental budget? (Hint: good info for your lead nurturing programs)

2009 Marketing ROI & Measurements Study

  • How is marketing ROI adoption trending over time?
  • What is the impact of economic changes on marketing?
  • How does the presence of marketing operations function impact marketing performance?
  • What characteristics exist for high growth firms and highly effective and efficient marketing organizations?
  • How can marketing ROI and measurements create a competitive advantage in a slow economy?

2009 B2B Lead Generation ROI & Performance Evaluation Study

  • What are top priorities to improve performance of lead generation marketing?
  • What is the impact of the economic downturn on lead generation marketing effectiveness?
  • What distinguish marketers with greater effectiveness and greater growth from lower performing marketers?

2008 Marketing ROI & Measurements Study

  • How well are marketers capturing critical data and intelligence?
  • Where are the marketing data shortfalls?
  • How does marketing data management influence marketing effectiveness and efficiency?
  • Recommendations for 10 steps to better leverage data and intelligence

2008 B2B Lead Generation ROI & Performance Evaluation Study

  • Benchmark study for B2B Lead Generation Marketing
  • What are the most important lead generation objectives to drive high performance?
  • How is marketing balancing lead quantity vs. lead quality metrics?
  • How does alignment with the sales organization drive highly effective lead generation marketing performance?

2007 Marketing ROI & Measurement Study

  • What marketing practices beyond measurements are most important for managing and improving marketing profitability?
  • How do higher growth companies differ in their use of marketing analytics, value-based targeting, and funnel management?
  • Recommendations for process areas to improve profitability

2006 Marketing ROI & Measurement Trend Study

  • Which measurement methodologies are marketers using?
  • How does proper funding of the measurement budget influence marketing performance?
  • How does marketing ROI influence executive perceptions of marketing?
  • Recommendations for moving further with marketing ROI adoption with a special section for getting started

2005 Marketing ROI & Measurement Benchmark Study

  • Benchmark research on marketing ROI adoption
  • What are the primary measurement challenges?
  • Where is there greater profit potential?
  • How do marketers drive decisions using intuition vs. measurements, and how does this influence marketing performance?
  • Recommendations for moving further with marketing ROI adoption

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