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  • 2013 Lead Gen Marketing Effectiveness Report released, featuring insights into content marketing performance and measurements best practices  >>view report>>

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  • Brand Measurement Assessor launched to identify strengths and gaps in aligning brand measures to short-term and long-term growth and ROI  >>view info>>

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  • The "CMO Guide to Marketing ROI" white paper is available for free download. This 16-page paper presents the opportunities and challenges of managing marketing ROI to improve performance and profitability. It includes a case study and a quick-skim checklist. >>view report>>
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Access Recorded Webinars for Learning at Your Convenience

We are regularly asked to present our insights on marketing ROI through conferences and webinars. Below are some of the sessions that have been recorded for on-demand playback. The sessions include the presentation slides and accompanying audio. Access to the recordings is not managed by the Lenskold Group and may require registration or may be terminated without notice to us.

Increasing Your Marketing's Effectiveness Using Metrics

In this webinar hosted by AMA and Tableau Software, Jim Lenskold presents an approach to defining and using marketing metrics to improve effectiveness and ROI. With the right metrics in place, marketing executives can proactively monitor and report key metric outcomes, while also being well prepared to address gaps and act on the information.

Marketing Mix Modeling Mini Webinar Seriesmmm_10min_webinar

An Introduction to Marketing Mix Modeling - Led by Lenskold Group’s president, Jim Lenskold, this 10-minute mini webinar answers the question “What is Marketing Mix Modeling?” Topics include why mix modeling is needed and an overview of the steps necessary to complete a model as well as an assessment of the methodology’s strengths and weaknesses.

To view the webinar, click here, or click on the image on the right. This will open a WMV (Windows Media Format) file.

To open the file in QuickTime format, click here.

The CMO's Guide to Marketing ROI

An exclusive webinar - tailored to marketing executives - which addresses optimizing revenue performance, predicting future marketing success and communicating marketing results to the C-Suite. Facilitating the discussion is Jim Lenskold, and Jon Miller, VP of Marketing for Marketo.

Revenue Rockstar: Basic and Advanced Lead Generation



6 Steps for Designing Profitable Lead Nurturing Programs
A mini-Webinar (12 minutes) available on-demand at*Please note that fees may apply for non-premium members.

Improving Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness & ROI
Learn about best practices from highly effective and efficient organizations and the secrets behind higher growth companies as identified in the 2009 Lead Gen Marketing Effectiveness research study.

How Marketers Win Friends and Keep Profitable Customers Through ROI Analysis

Customer-centric metrics and measurements are essential for guiding profitable marketing strategies and tactics for both B2B and B2C companies. Learn how better analysis and planning help marketers more effectively retain profitable segments of customers. We’ll cover specific steps with marketing ROI techniques and analytics you can take to manage key profit drivers -- such as targeting, customer longevity and vulnerability, the customer experience, referral value, and planning integrated marketing over the customer lifecycle -- to deliver more profitable retention marketing. *Please note that fees may apply for non-premium members.