So What is Marketing Mix Modeling Anyway?

Marketing Mix Modeling is a powerful methodology that uses sophisticated statistical techniques, such as multivariate regression and time series modeling to quantify the individual contribution of each marketing channel in terms of incremental sales or revenue. The results of this analysis can then be used to:

  • Shift budget to the most effective marketing channels to increase sales, revenues and profits
  • Identify where spending by channel reaches diminishing returns or exceeds saturation thresholds
  • Quantify the interaction effects of multiple channels working synergistically
  • Determine the ROI of each marketing channel

MMM_10min_webinarWhether you have dabbled with modeling or are a complete novice, our resources will help shed light on the marketing mix modeling process.

A great way to get started on the path to deeper insights and smarter marketing is to watch this 10-minute Webinar for an Introduction to Marketing Mix Modeling.

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