Turn Intelligence into Insight into Action

 Marketers are often faced with too much data, reports, and metrics, but too little insight that clearly guides the actions necessary for business improvements. We apply the financial discipline and customer funnel perspective that are central to the marketing ROI framework to deliver metrics with meaning. This approach leads to more action-oriented marketing dashboards, business intelligence systems, and marketing decision support.

Marketing Metrics to Manage Performance

  • Use the most accurate and complete data available
  • Include metrics aligned to financial performance and prioritized based on impact on performance
  • Deliver measures and metrics that are quickly and consistently interpreted (using alerts and coding that identify data points of significant relevance)
  • Show current performance, trends, and early indicators of near term performance changes
  • Reflect customer/segment funnel progression and purchasing behaviors to support strategic decisions
  • Balance short-term and long-term performance metrics
  • Offer drill-down analytics to quickly identify and address underlying drivers of performance issues

Once the right metrics and decision processes are in place, marketing dashboards can be implemented for visual support and insight distribution.

Lenskold Group offers an ROI-based approach to defining marketing metrics and creating dashboards in many diverse tools, including Tableau, Qlikview, Domo and even Excel. If you would like to discuss your unique measurement needs, contact us for additional information.

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