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  • 2013 Lead Gen Marketing Effectiveness Report released, featuring insights into content marketing performance and measurements best practices  >>view report>>

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  • Brand Measurement Assessor launched to identify strengths and gaps in aligning brand measures to short-term and long-term growth and ROI  >>view info>>

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  • The "CMO Guide to Marketing ROI" white paper is available for free download. This 16-page paper presents the opportunities and challenges of managing marketing ROI to improve performance and profitability. It includes a case study and a quick-skim checklist. >>view report>>
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See Deeper and Further for Bigger and Better Opportunities

Continuous improvements in current marketing initiatives can be extremely valuable but more significant growth opportunities sometimes require looking beyond the marketing of today. Marketing ROI techniques are effective at identifying profit potential through deeper data mining and forward-looking analytics.

These solutions range from basic techniques that benefit organization-wide marketing initiatives, to more advanced initiatives to support breakthrough strategies.

Opportunity assessments are used to determine where investments can generate the greatest growth. This analytic process can be used to guide investment allocations into markets, customer segments, or product offerings. In addition to using economic and market trend information, the critical success factor is a comprehensive customer behavior analysis that provides actionable insight into the sources of growth at a customer/segment level.

Targeting prioritization is established using a combination of a profitability analysis and predictive modeling. Forward-looking predictive models prioritize the most valuable and highest conversion customer segments. We establish customer investment limits to guide value-tiered investing and identify the points of diminishing returns for different forms of marketing.

Funnel diagnostics are used to identify performance gaps (i.e., “leakage points”) in the customer buying process that can be addressed through changes to strategic and/or tactical plans. Leakage points are quantified in terms of the profit potential that can result from having a positive impact on performance improvements. The analysis looks at performance barriers within marketing, channels, customer service, and product/service gaps to determine where to close leakage points. The benefits of this approach is that improvements tend to make all marketing initiatives more effective and profitable.

ROI-based planning & budgeting can be used for special initiatives or for allocating the overall marketing budget. We apply ROI tools and techniques to strengthen the objectives, targeting, and strategies, to tighten the integration across diverse marketing initiatives, and to allocate budgets aligned to the profit potential.

We’ll help you tap into the right opportunities with the greatest growth potential.