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  • 2013 Lead Gen Marketing Effectiveness Report released, featuring insights into content marketing performance and measurements best practices  >>view report>>

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  • Brand Measurement Assessor launched to identify strengths and gaps in aligning brand measures to short-term and long-term growth and ROI  >>view info>>

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  • The "CMO Guide to Marketing ROI" white paper is available for free download. This 16-page paper presents the opportunities and challenges of managing marketing ROI to improve performance and profitability. It includes a case study and a quick-skim checklist. >>view report>>
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Choose Your Direction on the Path to Profitability

You need to address immediate pressures and deliver on current objectives. You want to convince the executive team that investing in measurements and analyses will provide insights that translate to performance improvements. And at the same time, you want any single initiative to having lasting value in the way your marketing organization manages its performance. The solutions presented here are just a few ways your “phase one” project can be used to build momentum around ROI capabilities.

Address Strategic Marketing Priorities

Marketing ROI techniques can be applied to meet a specific business need such as improving specific campaigns or meeting specific business objectives. ROI analyses and precision measurements can be used to address critical performance areas such as customer retention, sales conversion rates, or channel partner performance. >>more>>

Boost Performance & Growth

Your marketing ROI efforts can be concentrated to identify specific opportunities and accelerate performance improvements and business growth. These initiatives are not tied to a marketing initiative but extend across the business and therefore support improvements in many initiatives.

Where is our performance weakest relative to driving sales activity? Are there untapped opportunities to win more high-value customers? How do we best allocate the budget available? These types of questions are answered through opportunity assessments, targeting prioritization, funnel diagnostics, and ROI-based budgeting to impact organization-wide performance improvements. >>more>>

Build & Leverage Intelligence & Insight

In some cases, improving the underlying intelligence sources has the most value for driving marketing performance. For example, a customer behavior analysis provides a combined view of typical patterns, value, and growth opportunities and the impact of changing trends. Or take a broader view of your overall business performance in the context of new market and competitor activities. The insights from more advanced business insight can be leveraged as a forward-looking perspective to guide shifts in priorities and strategies. >>more>>

Enhance Your Organizational Excellence

Let us help you plan your roadmap for adopting and advancing your ROI capabilities. We offer an organizational assessment to gauge the capabilities, mindset, and perspectives of marketing executives and managers so your roadmap fits your unique culture. We can also tap into our extensive base of ROI articles, newsletters, help guides, presentations, research, and webinars to provide a customized ROI resource library that your employees can access on an as needed basis. >>more>>

As you demonstrate initial success, you will build momentum to support your transformation into a high performance marketing organization.