Get Actionable Insight with Quality ROI Tools

We have some exciting tools in development. You may find some of our previously developed marketing ROI tools helpful in understanding the benefits of tools. Ultimately, ROI tools should provide insights that guide your strategic planning and investment decisions toward greater profitability.

Basic ROI Spreadsheet (Excel download)

Download Lenskold Group’s Basic ROI Calculator. This Excel spreadsheet incorporates common return and investment inputs, plus a net present value calculation. Of course this one spreadsheet does not work for all businesses but it serves as a good starting point.

Following are some really cool tools but these require Flash Player, which is being discontinued. We are currently evaluating options to re-create these. Give them a try if you have Flash working but otherwise check back in early January 2020.

Super Bowl Advertising ROI Calculator

Our Super Bowl ROI tool allows users to run basic scenarios in order to assess the potential incremental ROI of Super Bowl Advertising. Go to this dedicated page to use our Super Bowl ROI Tools.

Lead Generation ROI

This is a very basic ROI planning tool that allows you to run scenarios with just 9 input values. It was developed to show the importance of viewing both marketing and sales effectiveness (and costs) to manage profitable lead generation. There is an input for “co-op credits” which is used by companies who resell other company products and would receive co-op marketing funds from those companies. Just zero this out if it does not apply. Click here to access this free tool.

Customer Referral Program ROI

Referencing the new book from Fred Reichheld, this online planning tool lets you assess the impact “promoters,” “detractors,” and influencers have on customer lifetime value and your customer porftolio value. You can also run a basic ROI analysis for marketing programs designed to improve your Net Promoter® Score or to promote customer references.

Click here for the Referral Value ROI planning tool with sample data, or
Click here for the Referral Value ROI blank version.

Advanced ROI Tools 

We go through a very disciplined approach when customizing ROI tools which build off of the core principles presented in our Marketing ROI book. Our consulting and integration services are available to create custom applications in many platforms, or leverage some of the most sophisticated, enterprise-level marketing ROI tools available worldwide. See our Customized ROI Tools section for more details or contact us at for information or tool demonstrations.

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