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Super Bowl Television Ad ROI Tool

We all know of the mind boggling numbers associated with the purchase of a 30 second Super Bowl ad. Every year advertisers attempt to justify the cost of such an endeavor. What other outlet offers the opportunity to reach 100 million viewers at one time? There are plenty of valid reasons why an advertiser may want to spend their resources in this forum – brand awareness, to keep up with the competition, announce a new product – but in any case, the investment should generate incremental sales for a positive ROI over time.

Here at Lenskold Group, we want to support the discipline of planning to maximize marketing ROI from such efforts. Our Super Bowl ROI tool allows users to run basic scenarios that show projected sales and revenue relative to ROI objectives. Since Super Bowl ads span such a diverse group of industries, we kept the design and inputs simple and generic. The goal of the tool is to become familiar with how ROI scenarios work. Hopefully we’ll provoke your thinking while you have fun investigating the ROI potential of Super Bowl advertising.

Included below are 3 specific scenarios covering a several industries that typically advertise during the Super Bowl; Consumer Goods (i.e. snack foods), Auto and Internet Services. The assumptions provided are rough estimates based on internet research and are meant to be a starting point. We’ve also included a blank template to run your own scenarios.

If you would like to discuss this tool or any other topic found on our web site, please contact us and we’ll share more information on highly customized ROI tools for your business.

When opening tool, you must click "Allow Blocked Content" to view the content.

Super Bowl Ad ROI – Blank 

Super Bowl Ad ROI – Automotive Example

Super Bowl Ad ROI – Consumer Goods Example

Super Bowl Ad ROI – Internet Domain Provider Example