Marketing ROI
Marketing ROI



Now more than ever, marketers are getting asked questions on how they are contributing to the bottom line. It has become essential to measure performance and to demonstrate ROI in order to secure budget and win in the marketplace. Measurements, ROI and dashboards, when applied correctly, deliver the intelligence to guide strategies that drive profitable performance. At Lenskold Group, we take the time to understand your unique business aspects and challenges to deliver customized tools and processes that provide a reliable success path and earn credibility. We offer unmatched expertise and precision financial analytics to help you get more from measurements of marketing effectiveness. The result is immediate insight to improve your marketing today, as well as lasting best practices to strengthen your marketing organization’s ability to manage and deliver with greater accountability.

If you are looking for leading experts to give you the insight to identify, deliver and measure profitability in today’s competitive marketplace, contact us today to request a complimentary consultation. Lenskold Group offers wide-ranging marketing ROI services and tools to help you achieve the results.


Highlights Events
  • Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study. Research into content marketing effectiveness, measurements and use of marketing automation shows most marketers have major gaps in process strengths relative to highly effective and efficient marketers. >>view study>>
  • Brand Measurement Assessment. This newly launched service helps marketing executives understand current strengths and gaps of brand measurement in terms of supporting strategic planning and aligning to short-term and long-term financial contribution. >>view info>>
  • Demand Gen Report 2013 Marketing Automation Forecast. This forecast E-book includes input from an outstanding group of consultants, integrators and industry thought leaders (including our own Jim Lenskold), all of whom bring a wealth of real-world experience to the table. The E-book is now available to download with free registration on the Demand Gen Report website. >>download E-book>>