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Provide clients with the most advanced marketing ROI techniques, tools, and processes to enable executives and marketers to apply practical measurements and analytics, develop highly profitable strategies and tactical plans, and accurately demonstrate the financial contribution of marketing investments.

Improve marketing effectiveness with measurements and analytics that are strategic, actionable and aligned to financial contribution.

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If your marketing group is under pressure to boost performance or demonstrate accountability, if there is no standard approach to assess marketing impact and prioritize your budget allocation, or if your team is ready to apply advanced marketing analytics and ROI tools to create a competitive advantage – we can help.

Where do you start when there are so many ways to approach marketing ROI measurements and profitability management? For many companies, it begins with establishing a common understanding and vision that can come through customized marketing ROI boot camps, internal workshops, or speaking engagements. Session formats range from educational presentations to structured working sessions.
There is no need for marketing professionals to become finance or analytics experts. Marketers need to continue to be strategic and tactical experts focused on motivating customer engagement and purchasing activity. This is where our ROI tools come into the picture. Easy to use and graphical in design, these tools hide the deep analytics and data that are embedded into our powerful decision support systems.


Listen to this recorded webinar of an interview and discussion on using ROI to improve accountability and performance.

This 2-day workshop sponsored by the American Marketing Association provides comprehensive learning of measurements, ROI analyses and processes to guide more profitable strategies and tactical marketing campaigns. Material ranges from basic to advanced to accommodate marketing managers, analysts and executives from medium and large companies. 

The next open enrollment AMA course are likely to be in September or October in Chicago. We also offer customized workshops for your internal team that can be delivered live or via web conferencing.

Listen to this high energy podcast by Casey Cheshire of Cheshire Impact featuring an interview with Jim Lenskold. They talk about adopting ROI, building measurement discipline and dispelling some big myths, plus how Jim got started in this specialty area.