ROI Tools

Get Actionable Insight with Quality ROI Tools

We offer customized marketing ROI tools in many formats ranging from Excel to HTML as well as advanced applications. Ultimately, ROI tools should provide insights that guide your strategic planning and investment decisions toward greater profitability.

Basic ROI Spreadsheet (Excel download)

Download Lenskold Group’s Basic ROI Calculator.

This Excel spreadsheet incorporates common return and investment inputs, plus a net present value calculation. Of course this one spreadsheet does not work for all businesses but it serves as a good starting point.

Lead Generation ROI (Interactive HTML)

Experience this interactive tool where you can change input assumptions and watch the impact on ROI outcomes.

Advanced ROI Tools

We go through a very disciplined approach when customizing ROI tools which build off of the core principles presented in our Marketing ROI book. Our consulting and integration services are available to create custom applications in many platforms, or leverage some of the most sophisticated, enterprise-level marketing ROI tools available worldwide. See our Customized ROI Tools section for more details or contact us at info@lenskold.com for information or tool demonstrations.

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