Become A High-Performance Marketing Organization

If your marketing group is under pressure to boost performance or demonstrate accountability. If there is no standard approach to assess marketing impact and prioritize your budget allocation. Or if your team is ready to apply advanced marketing analytics and ROI tools to create a competitive advantage –we can help.

Managing marketing profitability requires a structured process that supports the marketing organization from initial strategic planning through back-end measurement and analysis. Our in-depth expertise in enabling organizations to measure and manage marketing is delivered through the services outlined below.

Marketing ROI Framework

Our marketing ROI framework consists of two primary components, 1) establishing an accurate financial model that can quantify the impact of all forms of marketing, and 2) defining the best approach to leverage sales, customer, and marketing data to unlock the profit potential in strategic and tactical decisions. We are one of the few companies that can develop accurate financial models that provide clear strategic direction while also meeting the high standards of finance. This customized marketing ROI framework provides the foundation for better measurements, ROI planning tools, marketing dashboards, and growth strategies.

Marketing Measurements

Marketing measurement budgets are generally under-funded so getting the most value from these efforts is critical. We help prioritize and design measurements to deliver actionable insight where the most profitable marketing opportunities exist. We help measure the incremental impact of all forms of marketing and diagnose performance gaps so marketing can be continuously improved.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics help marketers unlock powerful insight from diverse data sources to assess past marketing, monitor current performance, or identify new opportunities for growth. Using seasoned analytic experts with business sense and the ability to understand the customer perspective, we uncover actionable insights that improve marketing performance and profitability.

ROI Tools

Our custom-designed and highly superior ROI planning tools are the ideal way to put the power of deep analytics and financial calculations into a user-friendly format that every marketer can use. Our tools range from basic to very advanced, including campaign planning tools, marketing mix simulators and optimizers, marketing dashboards, and ROI management systems.

Marketing ROI Workshops & Boot Camps

Move your organization’s understanding, skills, and commitment to improving marketing profitability ahead with customized speaking or workshops. Join thousands worldwide that have experienced the educational insights and practical guidance we offer. Sessions range from one hour executive briefing sessions and keynote presentations to multi-day “boot camps” and planning workshops.
Unsure where to start to bring marketing ROI best practices into your organization? Contact us and we’ll walk you through your options and share the pros and cons of different approaches our clients have taken to start on their path to success.