ROI Book

Marketing ROI: The Path to Campaign, Customer, and Corporate Profitability

Award-Winning Book

Our book, “Marketing ROI,” offers the most comprehensive and practical approach to measuring and managing the return on investment (ROI) that marketing generates, bringing marketing performance and profitability to new levels. Translated into eight languages, this book has set worldwide standards and practices for calculating the ROI of marketing.
Named one of the top 5 marketing books of 2004 by the American Marketing Association Foundation.


“Although long considered an oxymoron by too many marketers, “Marketing ROI” provides keen insight which can assist managers and organizations in viewing marketing more as a ‘science’ rather than as pure ‘art’.”

David Pugliese
Vice President, Product Marketing & Management, Cox Communications

“Lenskold ‘s approach to Marketing ROI takes out all the mystery, hocus-pocus and smoke and mirrors that so often surrounds this critical subject. His blend of financial acumen and marketing knowledge, combined with a clear, clean writing style can clarify and lead any manager to the oft-sought, but seldom achieved land of understanding just how marketing works and what returns can and are being generated for the firm.”

Don E. Schultz
World Renowned Author, Consultant, and Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications, Northwestern University

Book Outline

The book is divided into three sections, each with increasing depth into the precise and effective use of marketing ROI.
Section I Understanding ROI Principles
Section II Building the ROI Formula
Section III Applying Marketing ROI

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