Lead Generation Measurements

Measure and Manage Lead Generation ROI

Lead generation marketing is quickly evolving as a result of more sophisticated digital marketing, content marketing, lead nurturing, and lead tracking that is enabled by marketing automation. In addition, the buyers’ path to purchase is now more dependent on the engagement and education that marketing provides to leads prior to them interacting with the sales team.

Measurements for lead generation can be challenging with the handoff to sales and long buying cycles – but marketing automation and more sophisticated techniques make this easier. Lenskold Group’s expertise delivers reliable measurements designed to improve marketing effectiveness, revenue contribution and ROI.

Let Lenskold Group help your organization adopt the best practices proven to drive highly effective and efficient marketing. We specialize in assisting our clients to:

Develop High Impact Strategic Plans

Proactively Analyze and Manage Performance

Measure Marketing Contribution to Sales, Revenue and ROI

Report on Marketing and Financial Metrics to Build Credibility

Lenskold Group can break down barriers to provide you with reliable lead generation measurements that guide performance improvements and demonstrate marketing contribution. Contact Us for additional information.