Marketing Mix Modeling

A More Strategic Approach to Marketing Mix Modeling

Any statistician can run models and many firms do nothing more than modeling. This leaves their clients with results to report and simple direction on re-allocating budgets to change the marketing mix. But managing marketing effectiveness requires strategic decisions beyond simply changing the spend level by marketing channel. Since 1997, Lenskold Group has delivered innovative ROI and measurement solutions to improve marketing performance. We have developed models for B2B, B2C and non-profit organizations.

Lenskold Group’s approach is more holistic so marketing is increased in high-ROI channels, is made more efficient for low-ROI channels and gets improved effectiveness for low-impact channels. Model results are validated in market to build confidence and eliminate internal questions as to a model’s “black box” calculations of marketing lift.

Our Approach

If you would like to learn more about the basics of marketing mix modeling, watch our 10-minute recorded webinar. Lenskold Group can show you how marketing mix modeling can be central to an integrated measurement plan that demonstrates and delivers high-ROI advertising and marketing. If you would like to discuss your unique measurement needs, contact us for additional information. Stay informed on this and other marketing ROI topics by subscribing for free to Lenskold Group’s mROI Insights newsletter. You will also be informed of our upcoming events and gain access to our exclusive content.